Department of State Development Annual Report 2013-2014 2 About this report The report is published in electronic format complete and in sections with limited use of images to reduce the download time The online version is available at If a printed copy is required the department encourages the use of recycled paper If this is a printed copy and north-east of Cape Lambert and 40 km from Dampier and adjoins the state water boundary in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (refer Figure 1) In the Pilbara Rio Tinto operates the world's largest integrated portfolio of iron ore assets This includes a network of 16 mines four port terminals over 1 700km of the largest privately-

Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality and Meteorology during

(notably in the Port Hedland area) it was generally specific to a particular industry and air quality issue (dust) The Pilbara Air Quality Study focused mainly on the Karratha / Dampier / Burrup area where the existing information was most deficient but information was also gathered for the Cape Lambert and Port Hedland areas

Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Project Environmental Impact Statement Volume 2 October 2014 Appendix A – EIS Project team Appendix A EIS Project team VOLUME 1a Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Site context and environmental values Chapter 3 – Strategic context and need for the Project Chapter 4 – Planning and statutory requirements Chapter 5 – Stakeholder

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Heritage Council Places Database Jarman Island Lighthouse Quarters Jarman Island Lighthouse and Quarters comprises a cast iron lighthouse and ruined light keepers' quarters which are constructed principally of random rubble masonry and concrete Also present are tanks and other evidence of water catchment Around the ruined quarters are stone alignments of

HIV/AIDS treatment in Port-au-Prince - the GHESKIO model of integrated care GHESKIO started the world's first clinic devoted to treating patients with HIV/AIDS and provides an integrated program for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS TB and STIs GHESKIO has also trained over 35 000 health workers in the management of these diseases

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John Holland has long been well recognised for the quality of its infrastructure and engineering solutions It is with great pride that we are acknowledged by the industry and our peers for our achievements across the many disciplines and sectors in which we operate

The Premier officially opened Cape Lambert B as part of Rio Tinto's 290 mt/a expansion celebrations in October The 290 Mt/a milestone was reached ahead of schedule and under budget Studies to further expand Pilbara capacity beyond 290 mt/a are still underway a number of options for mine capacity

Public Environmental Review and draft Public Environment Report Cape Lambert Port B Development (Public Review Period: Monday 13 April 2009 to Tuesday 9 June 2009) Pilbara Iron (a member of the Rio Tinto Group) proposes to increase the capacity of its Cape Lambert port operations Cape Lambert is located approximately 40 km north east of

South Australia's Marine Parks 5-Year Status Report 2012-2017 Summary 1 Introduction Our marine Introduction parks network The establishment of South Australia's network of marine parks is one of the most significant conservation initiatives ever undertaken in this state A comprehensive community engagement process supported the development of the network

Pilbara including Woodside's North West Shelf gas fields Cape Lambert and Dampier provide the port infrastructure for the iron ore operations of Rio Tinto supported by their settlement at Wickham while tourism opportunities are provided by Point Samson as well as Roebourne and Cossack which also have recognised heritage significance

This site contains consultations that are run by Environmental Protection Authority Cape Lambert Port A Marine Structures Refurbishment Project The Proposal is to undertake essential maintenance works on the Cape Lambert Port A (CLA) wharf facility and associated jetty The Proposal consists of two components the CLA Dolphin Life Extension Project and the CLA

The EPA is one member of the 'environment portfolio family' Its primary job is protecting the environment from the impacts of the economy It does this largely through assessing the predicted environmental impacts and risks from proposed development and land use change and advising the Minister for Environment about

Particle size distributions in surficial sediment before and after dredging showing a shift to finer grain sizes after dredging (A) Cape Lambert and (B) Burrup Peninsula dredging projects (see Fig 6B C) The accompanying ternary diagrams show clay–silt–sand–gravel size distributions based on the Udden–Wentworth standard

Lower South East Marine Park

zone and manage the Lower South East Marine Park and how to make a submission Copies of draft management plans and other supporting information for each of the 19 marine parks are available at at public information sessions across the state or by telephoning freecall 1800 006 120

The Cape Lambert Port B development (referred to hereafter as the Port B development) is currently in the PFS stage which will extend until Quarter 4 2008 Depending on the findings of the PFS and Rio Tinto commitment to progress into a more detailed study a Feasibility Study (FS) will continue through to mid 2009

Monitoring has been completed in Darwin Harbour and Port Adelaide and has commenced at NMN and non–NMN locations including Portland (Victoria) Fremantle Port Headland Port Dampier and Cape Lambert (Western Australia) and Skardon River (Queensland) Monitoring is also expected to commence at Albany Bunbury and Esperance and Mandurah in Western

zone and manage the Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park and how to make a submission Copies of draft management plans and other supporting information for each of the 19 marine parks are available at at public information sessions across the state or by telephoning freecall 1800 006 120

Moved to Cape Lambert in October to take over a team of dedicated professionals now numbering 10 including 2 Trainers Cape Lambert Project is diverse with over 10 other contracting companies trying to complete their parts of the expansion Expansion includes earthworks for 3 car un-loaders 8 stockyards with 7 spreaders and 8 reclaimers and