Company must not act beyond the object clause of memorandum of association If company acts beyond the object clause then its ultra vires If the contract entered into is a ultra vires contract then it becomes void and cannot ratified by shareholders also This known as Doctrine of Ultra Vires FOR THE SUPPLY OF HARDWARE AND/OR SERVICES TABLE OF CONTENTS 49 SURVIVAL CLAUSE Hardware means all the machinery computer hardware storage devices other peripherals and ancillary equipment together with all the cabling represented by the Contractor as being

Standard for Equipment Used for System Isolation and

Standard for Equipment Used for System Isolation and Rated as a Single This equipment is intended for use as an additional isolating means on the load side of the required supply-disconnecting Electrical Equipment of the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery NFPA 79:2012 and in Clause 5 3 2(d) of the Standard for

machinery agricultural implements and other equipment such as those used for pumping water on the land (11) dividend means the amount paid out of the profits of a society to a member proportion to the shares held by him (12) farming society means a society in which with the object of increasing agricultural production

Commentary on fidic iv clauses extension of time machinery of the contract would be treated as having broken down samples patents and models is perhaps surprising and produces curious results if taken literally For example under clause 6 1 (Custody and supply of drawings and documents)

(ix) Enlargement of object to purposes for which donations may be easily attracted-Clause 9 "The Trustees may in their absolute discretion utilize any part of the net income of the Trust property as also the corpus of the Trust fund for any object of "rural development" or "rural work to provide self employment"

16-4-2011Hi All Members This is a huge collection of MAIN OBJECT CLAUSE OF MEMORANDUM of various companies Please bookmark this page The credit for this huge resource goes to Our Professional Team Source link http ourprofessionalteam com Main objects of Electric Power Supply Company: Main objects of Machinery Company: Main objects of Machinery

sample main object clauses of mining equipment

Object Clause For Crushing Of Stones | Process Crusher Mining Company Law- Some useful Main object clause-I Please find below some useful sample Main object clauses for the drafting of your open-pit gold mining equipment More detailed sample object clause of of stone quarry company – Grinding Mill

Machinery insurance_e 03 11 2000 8:14 Uhr Seite 3 5 are detailed in the works and/or supply contract A Provisional Acceptance Certificate The responsibility for the insured object is then trans-ferred from the builder/supplier to the buyer/operator ie the buyer/operator now bears the responsibility

GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR SUPPLY OF PRODUCTS - ARGENTINA 1 Definitions and Rules of Interpretation the equipment merchandise machinery or other goods that are the object of the Order and supplied by the Seller to Cargill - Order means the purchase order issued by of clause 7 1 1 above the Seller shall be obliged to

2 Brochure –IR-IT-004 Collection and Deduction of Tax at Source IMPORT OF GOODS Section 148 Person(s) liable to collect tax Collector of Customs From whom Importer of goods Rate 12% Import of foreign produced film imported for the purposes of screening and viewing 5% Other goods imported by an "industrial undertaking" or a

Manufacturing Supply Agreement Page 35 creditworthiness to fulfill its obligations to Supplier under such agreement Supplier shall continue to manufacture such Products for such third party after such sale on the same economic terms as under this Agreement for a

More than 40 special clauses are available on the basis of risk assessment and payment of additional expenses including clauses in respect of strike riot and civil commotion limited liability insurance period clause extended liability guarantee period clause special fee clause clause in respect of buildings and tunnels in earthquake region

6-9-2011Can anybody provide me the object clause for Stemcell and Tissue Engineering Research Pvt Ltd -- Regards Rajeshwari R Object Clause: To enter into any arrangement by way of a turnkey project involving supply of techni cal civil financial administrative supply or erection of plant machinery

Enter the runtime context related to this object The with statement will bind this method's return value to the target(s) specified in the as clause of the statement if any object __exit__(self exc_type exc_value traceback) Exit the runtime context related to this object

Object Clause of a Mineral Water Manufacturing

22-2-2011Object Clause of a Mineral Water Manufacturing Company Showing 1-3 of 3 messages Object Clause of a Mineral Water Manufacturing Company: Can anyone please provide me the Object Clause of the Mineral Water Manufacturing Company etc by taking on lease or otherwise various mines and put ting up machinery for pulverising the various

Main Object Clause of Memorandum Article More Than 800 Object Clause Coming up Soon We are thankful to Ms Khushboo of SMART BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Howrah who is very professional in her approach and thorough and detail in her work We strongly recommend SMART BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

The Essential Commodities Act 1955 47 (~1'for requiring persons engaged in the production supply or distribution of trade and commerce in any essential commodity to maintain and produce for-inspection such books accounts and records relating to their business and to furnish such information relating thereto as may be specified in the order

clause 11 is in force is exempt from the operation of section 16 of the Act Exemptions from sec 98 11 (1) The object of this clause is to exempt certain electricity supply arrangements from a provision of the Act that renders an electricity supply arrangement unenforceable unless an appropriate authorisation or

Memorandum of Association contains the name of the company object clauses authorised share capital and the full particulars of the initial subscribers members who are usually the initial directors of the company Articles are a set of internal regulations that governs the day to day operations of the company

Changed in version 3 3: The import system has been updated to fully implement the second phase of PEP 302 There is no longer any implicit import machinery - the full import system is exposed through sys meta_path In addition native namespace package support has been implemented (see PEP 420)

and machinery and tools and other appliances in connection with development of telecommunications ***IT and *Postal Projects *4 To design establish provide and perform technical and consultancy services for any person firm or body corporate Government or Government Department Public or local authority or any other organization

What are the modes and forms of Investment specified u/s 11(5) in the case of Charitable Trust NGO Charitable Society Section 25 Companies and Charitable entities Surplus fund of the Charitable entities should be invested as per forms and modes prescribed u/s

MANUAL FOR PROCUREMENT OF GOODS 2017 Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure x 8 4 Capital Goods/Equipment (Machinery and Plant – MP) 120 8 5 Turnkey Contract 121 8 6 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) 121 chapter 9: contract management 9 1 Contract Management 124 9 2 Amendment to the Contract 124 9 3 Operation of Option Clause

Format of Main Object of Various Type of Companies csdeepakpsingh issue and effect policies and assurances in respect of boiler and machinery including sudden and accidental breakdown of any employment bureau and to provide consultancy and other services in connection with requirements of persons and manpower supply in India