The present invention entails a pull-type tobacco harvester having a mainframe a tongue projecting from the mainframe a defoliating unit mounted on the mainframe and a conveyor assembly disposed adjacent the defoliating unit for conveying defoliated tobacco leaves from the defoliator unit upwardly and rearwardly to where the defoliated leaves are dumped into a Hilltop Rental Center has everything you need well maintained and ready to go! Our knowledgeable staff will familiarize you with the operation of the equipment you rent from us Depending on the type of equipment rentals are made for two hours four hours or by the day Hilltop Rental Center in Alexandria has a wide variety of equipment for rent

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Feb 14 2018Dalton 225 Pull-Behind Dry Fertilizer Spreader 6 Ton Capacity 45' Spread Pattern Dual Spinners Ground Drive With Hydraulic On/Off (Conveyor Chain) Controls 540 PTO With Telescoping Driveline Adjustable Drawbar Hitch Manual Heavy Duty Jack Box Dimensions: 7' Wide X 9' Long X 4' Deep Tires: Firestone 15 5L - 16 1 NOTE: No Tarp SN:

BBI ENDURANCE litter lime shavings and compost spreader click on picture left for pdf version of literature Product Details The BBI Endurance Hydraulic line of litter/lime/compost spreaders is available in Pull-Type and Truck Mount models and is designed to be the toughest most durable spreader equipment in the market today Endurance Hydraulic models are

Cube/Cake Feeders – Trucks For the price our cube/cake feeders are the most durable on the market Made of 12 gauge steel you never have to worry about damaging the box with a hydraulic bale bed The HP motor is stronger than most and matches up to a 4″ auger driven by a #40 roller chain

Harvest carts for the nut industry pull behind nut harvesters See the Other Equipment section for more facts This MTL conveyor is self - propelled and is built to slip under rail cars See Conveyors for more information Fixed angle conveyors built by DPI moves agricultural commodities such as grass seed legumes or the like to bins for

Engineering Calculations BELT PULL AND HORSEPOWER CALCULATIONS I LIVE LOAD ON THE CONVEYOR: A Horizontal Conveyor: Summation of total load being conveyed B Incline Conveyor: Live load on incline portion multiplied by the sine of the angle of incline (see "Net Lift Chart") II BELT OR CHAIN WEIGHT:

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Chandler Equipment Co started in February of 1969 when a few men including Mr Bill Chandler decided to start a fabrication shop for Gainesville's booming poultry processing industry A few years later the first Chandler Poultry Litter Spreader rolled off the line and the business began to grow

1910 Tow-Behind Air Commodity Cart Air Seeding from John Learn more about features specifications and more for the 1910 Tow-Behind Air Commodity Cart Air Seeding When adding a conveyor to a 1900 Cart OR to a 1910 Cart prior to serial numbers Tow-between 1910 Carts above serial number (A01910T700346) and tow-behind carts above

"By investing in a tow-behind conveyor producers and contractors can achieve very significant savings over the lifetime of the machine " Additional features to the tow-behind conveyor include an 11-foot discharge height which enables it to load material directly into trucks or build a windrow of material alongside of the track plant

Emergencys top pull-cords are used in a wide variety of applications particularly along conveyor systems Emergency Stop Pull-Cords 28 August 2018 Emergency Stop Pull-Cords by Doug Nix think about cables that a strung through the air with no immediate structure behind the cable

Nov 01 2004Oval Cart Pull Conveyor Oval Cart Pull Conveyor Barry1961 (Industrial) (OP) 1 Nov 04 12:30 A customer has an application for a conveyor to pull carts around a 100' x 50' oval There will be 37 wheeled carts each weighing 300lb The top speed would be 8fpm with a normal speed of 2fpm It needs to be possible to unhook carts and roll them away

There are a number of competing theories that attempt to explain what drives the movement of tectonic plates Three of the forces that have been proposed as the main drivers of tectonic plate movement are: mantle convection currents— warm mantle currents drive and carry plates of lithosphere along a like a conveyor belt

#1 in topdressers since 1961: Unparalleled consistency regardless of ground speed combined with a self-propelled design make the Mete-R-Matic topdresser vital to your business Easily maneuver across greens and other turf areas to topdress with any material including compost sand peat and crumb rubber

Hapman vacuum and pneumatic conveyors offer an effective method of moving fine powders granulated material capsules and other small particles in an enclosed hygienic manner Our complete line of pneumatic conveyor systems ranges from small portable units for minor ingredient unloading or material transfer to large units capable of moving up to 18 000 lb/hr of

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When you need to haul heavy loads but your project doesn't require a full-sized dump truck Herc Rentals' dump trailers are the perfect solution Offering superior maneuverability to get into confined areas and gas-powered hydraulics to make unloading efficient and easy dump trailers are a convenient way to haul topsoil mulch sod

DESCRIPTION Save time and effort with the Turf Tender 410 Available in pull-behind and mounted models the Turf Tender 410 series from DAKOTA Peat Equipment is designed for superintendents to save time and labor costs and meet turf maintenance needs be it spreading dry or wet light or heavy wide or narrow

SaltDogg PRO2500CH Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Conveyor Chain Gives contractors property managers and municipalities a heavy duty high volume small footprint spreader SaltDogg SHPE3000CH Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Conveyor A powerful spreader that works with dump trucks and flatbeds Chute Primary Material: Polyethylene

Just start finish and switch tasks—Conveyor handles the Git branching merging and stashing behind the scenes Push code comment on changes assign the task or move it to the backlog As you make changes Conveyor automatically shares your progress with the rest of your team

The Chandler C/L Pull-Type Litter and Shavings Spreader in production for more than 45 years is the model of dependability in the field Whether you're dressing cotton fields with litter or laying shavings in a poultry house the C/L Pull-Type can be configured/customized to perform numerous duties all over the farm

Pull Behind Smooth Drum Roller ARTICLES LIST Walk Behind Rollers Rollers Patriot Contractors Equipment The MultiquipMikasa MRH800GS Smooth Drum Walk Behind Roller is a rugged walkbehind tandem roller all feature advanced engineering and design satisfying the needs of the 1499500 USD Wacker RD7HES Tandem Smooth Drum Walk Behind

With the WideSpin 1550 we're laying down a whole new standard in topdressing control and precision The WideSpin 1550 features advanced technology that puts you in complete control of your topdressing program You'll get the application rates you want when you need themwithout leaving the seat Turfco Widespin 1550 topdresser - YouTube

Mine Safety and Health Administration 201 12th Street South Suite 401 requirements of electrical equipment under 30 C F R 77 502 and 77 502-2 involving emergency stop devices or pull cord switches and their respective activating or mechanical arms for conveyor belts This PPL should be filed behind the tab marked Program Policy

Industrial Tow Magnets Commercial Pull Behind Magnetic Sweeper TMRS1 Standard Strength TMRS2 Super Strength Tow Behind Magnets Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper Magnetic Nail Sweeper Pickup Tools Make cleaning the parking lot of your factory floor a seamless task with a Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper from IPES International Renowned for